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A Renters Insurance Policy can help you protect your things, big and small, from the unexpected and help safeguard your savings from personal liability. It only costs a little to protect a lot.
Whether your home is a house, a condo, or an apartment, you need protection that keeps pace with you. From basic coverage options to enhancements like Optional Coverages and Scheduled Personal Property, you can tailor your policy to fit your life
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If you rent an apartment, house or even a dorm room, you need renters insurance to protect you and your renters property. Find affordable renters insurance coverage that is tailored to fit you and your lifestyle....Renters insurance is surprisingly affordable in most states.

Did you know your landlord's insurance does not cover your personal property?
Your clothes, jewelry, stereos, televisions, bicycles, computers, furniture, art work and other valuable possessions are not protected against loss or destruction. Fact is, house, apartment, condominium or mobile home renters need special renters insurance for their belongings.

You should ask yourself...what additional coverages are available for my personal property such as: sports equipment, electronic data processing equipment, jewelry or other valuables?
Renter's insurance is less costly than you might think.
Renters insurance is not expensive. The average renter can get complete coverage for a couple hundred dollars or less a year, depending on where he or she lives. This is a small price to pay for knowing that you and your belongings are protected.
  • Start Protecting your Belongings with Renters Insurance
    Your belongings covered everywhere with renters insurance as low as $12 a month
  • Need Apartment Insurance?
    If you rent your apartment, house, or condo, you probably need insurance, Renters Insurance is a very affordable way to cover yourself for a variety of unexpected events.
  • FREE Renters Insurance Quotes
    Without renters insurance, you don't have coverage for personal property loss or damage. Renters insurance is essential for you to have security over the things you own, while residing in property that you don't own.
Why you need Renter's insurance?
Like homeowners insurance, renters insurance will protect all your personal possessions from loss and protect you from huge legal and medical bills should someone be injured in your apartment

These are scenarios none of us wish to contemplate, but they may happen at any time
Do i need insurance if my roommate has insurance?
Your roommates insurance will cover her possessions, but it will not cover yours unless you are listed on her policy. It is possible for roommates to get a single policy to cover all inhabitants and possessions in the apartment.
Home Rental Insurance Coverage
Like homeowners insurance, renters insurance usually won't cover you for "acts of God" such as floods and earthquakes. You can get endorsements for these, however, and you should seriously consider them. Endorsements can also be used to extend the amount of coverage on the policy or the incidents which are covered. If you have such items as valuable jewelry, antiques, furs, or other big-ticket items, they often will not be completely covered under a basic policy. To fully cover these items from loss, you will want what is called a floater. These are essentially separate policies covering only these items and can be very inexpensive relative to the replacement cost of the items. This brings us to an important thing to consider when purchasing insurance: the household inventory.

Your personal property can be protected with replacement cost coverage. This additional protection assures that if a loss occurs, you will receive reimbursement for the full cost to repair or replace your property at today's market cost, up to the policy limit. Renters insurance also covers you within your policy limits if someone slips and falls in your dwelling or is injured by any of your possessions and then sues. The insurance should cover your responsibility to other people injured at your home or elsewhere, and includes legal defense costs if you are taken to court within the policy limits.
Discounts for affordable renters insurance
variety of ways to save with renters insurance discounts for:

Renters may not own the property they are occupying, but they face many of the same perils, when seeking good renters insurance. Renters also go through the same long trek from company to company, looking for renters insurance quotes that they can afford. Now, you can sit back, and let us do the shopping for you.
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